What is Baijiu?


中国白酒与白兰地、威士忌、伏特加、朗姆酒和金酒一起并称为世界六大蒸馏酒。中国白酒消费量约占世界蒸馏酒的1/3。那么,白酒的对外译名是什么?根据1月1日起实施国务院关税税则委员会公布《中华人民共和国进出口税则(2021)》,税则号为2208.9020的“白酒”的英译名已经从此前的“Chinese spirits”改为“Chinese Baijiu”。一起来了解白酒的历史吧~

Most countries have a brand of liquor that tells a story of their history.

Wine is mostly associated with the European countries of France, Spain and Italy.

Beer is a dominant force in the U. K. and Germany.

You can't think of Ireland or Scotland without Whisky.

Vodka is Russia's stamp on the world.

Mexico has Tequila, the U. S. A has many but Bourbon has a solid claim.

In the East, Japan has sake and the Korea's have soju.

There's one country however, whom we don't associate a drink with despite its long history and being arguably one of the most influential cultures in the world and that my friends is China.

What is baijiu?

China's national drink and most popular drink is baijiu.