Why Does MY CAT FOLLOW ME Everywhere? 6 REASONS



If you live with a cat, you will probably notice they have a habit of following you everywhere.

This behavior may seem strange, especially since cats have a reputation for being so independent and heavily ignoring their human family.

In this AnimalWised video, you will see why this isn't the case with these six reasons why your cat follows you everywhere.

You are their security.

When they are newborn, kittens will follow their mother everywhere so, they can both learn how to navigate their world and also feel safe.

By adopting a cat, whether a kitten or adult cat, you become a kind of surrogate parent, you feed them, clean their litter tray, take care of them, motivate them to play and offer them plenty of affection.

Your cat knows you will protect them at all costs and ensure their needs are covered, rewarding you with unconditional love and company.

They want to be entertained.

It's common for cats to be easily bored, especially if they spend all their time indoors.

They cannot carry out the typical exploratory and hunting behaviors innate to felines.