K.J. Apa And The Cast Of "The Last Summer" Tells Us About Their First Times


- Hey, what's going on everybody? I'm Tyler Posey, and we're the cast of The Last Summer.

- Yay. (cheers)

- Today, we're gonna be telling you a few of our firsts. (bright techno music)

- Okay, first red carpet event? My first big red carpet was for Grown Ups 2.

It was in New York and it was really exciting. My whole family was there.

- Oh, cute. - Yeah, it was cute. - You were really good in that movie, the ice cream?

- Oh, thanks! - That was sweet. - Oh yeah! - May have had a crush.

- Oh you guys! (others laugh) - What's yours bro?

- Probably the Upfronts in New York for Riverdale, yeah. - Oh, CW, yeah. - Yeah.

- Was it before your show came out too? - What was that like? - Yeah it was.