Interview Practice | General Labourer 普通劳工


Hi, I'm David and I'm going to take you through the job interview process for a general labourer.

I'm going to ask you some common interview questions and I recommend you pause this interview after each question and think about how you'd answer it.

Say your answers out loud to practice what it would be like at a real interview.

You can even record yourself on your phone or webcam to watch it back and see where you can improve.

I'll finish up by giving you some tips on what I'd expect to hear from you during a successful interview.

Let's get started.

Share an experience in which you've successfully learned to handle a new piece of equipment.

How do you stay fit in order to perform physical activities that are required in the workplace?

What duties have you enjoyed doing in your previous roles?

What has been the hardest task, why and how did you handle it?