Weird Foods People Used To Eat For Thanksgiving



而对我们来说,提起感恩节就会联想到电影里美味的火鸡,南瓜馅饼,苹果派…… 但是你也许不知道,除了这几种食物,感恩节还有几道传统菜,味道么……就见仁见智咯。

This can't be a thing that people did, this cannot.

Oh. Thanksgiving, a time for family, togetherness, and of course, food.

Let's start off our Thanksgiving feast with a delicious cranberry soufflé salad.

Mix gelatine and water, add mayondrnaise, walnuts, and apples.

Don't forget the cranberry sauce.

Pour into a cake pan and chill until set.

Now you're ready to enjoy.

What is that?

Is it meat?

That should be a gameshow, is. . .