Interpret Dog Tail Wags: How to Understand Dog's Body Language



The position of a dog's tail can reveal a lot about what a dog is thinking and feeling.

The speed of the wag, the pattern of movement and the breadth of each tail sweep can all give information about a dog's intentions and emotions.

In this video we will teach you how to interpret the language of a dog's tail.

Tail held high and stiff indicates alertness and the desire to display dominance.

When dogs are alert, they stand with their tails raised and ears up.

This posture means that they are observing carefully and ready to confront whatever caught their attention.

This position could also be a display of dominance in other words.

They are showing their role as the dog who rules the world.

Tail held straight out means that the dog is taking in new information and is so far responding neutrally.

There could be a new canine in the neighborhood or at the dog park, your dog is curious and just doesn't know what to make of them yet.