Sam Fischer&Demi Lovato - What Other People Say


伯克利音乐学院科班毕业,Sam Fischer 的作品真诚、发人深省,又能带来安慰。用Sam自己的话来说,“What Other People Say”是意识到为讨别人欢喜而远离了真实自我之后的一种告解。此次新曲回归,Sam 携手美国当红原创女歌手 Demi Lovato (代表作《Let it go》),为听众带来听觉盛宴。

Thought when I grew up

I would be the same as the ones who gave me my last name

I would not give in

I would not partake

In the same old drugs everyone else takes

I'm better than that

I'm better than that

I'm living my life so I go to heaven and never come back

But look where I'm at, look where I'm at

I'm living the life that I said I wouldn't, I wanna go back