Zara: How a Spaniard Invented Fast Fashion



The fashion industry might seem small and unimportant, especially in today's world when clothes couldn't be cheaper and more available.

But make no mistake, there is money in fashion, so much so that the second wealthiest man in the world made his fortune in this industry.

That's why the topic of this week's video is the world's largest clothes retailer, Zara.

Our story starts in Spain in 1950.

In the northwestern part of the country lies La Coruña, a small but beautiful coastal city.

Amancio Ortega, who was barely fourteen years old back then, had just gotten his first job as an errand boy, delivering fabrics for a local clothing retail store.

The young Ortega excelled at his work and as he grew older he started dealing with the store's customers and suppliers, eventually becoming senior manager in 1960.

When not at work Amancio would develop his own designs out of his sister's house.

He practiced reproducing popular designs using the less expensive materials left over from the retail store, while adding his own modifications and improvements.

Amancio would frequently design nightgowns and lingerie, which he would then sell at the retail store.