Earth At Night In Color — Official Trailer | Apple TV+


“抖森”汤姆·希德勒斯顿担任旁白的Apple TV+全新大自然纪录片《夜色中的地球》首曝官方4K预告片。该片共6集,由汤姆·希德勒斯顿担任旁白。影片用尖端摄影技术捕捉动物的夜行生活,以夜间全彩画面拍下动物的各种行为,展现过往不为人知的新世界。在新技术的镜头下,夜晚不再是灰暗模糊的,而是像白天一样清晰。

- The night. . . a shadowy world that hides more than half the animals on our planet.

Until now, cameras only offered a glimpse into their lives.

- But, with next generation technology, we can see the night. . .

- . . . as clear as day.

- Filming just by the light of the moon will test the crew to their limits.

- Currently stuck in the ice.

- To capture the lives of animals, and their nocturnal journeys, in color.

- I think the book on jaguar behavior is being written right here.

- So nice to see what they do at night. It's so special.

- It turns us humans. . . into nocturnal animals.