Taron Egerton Tells Us About His Firsts


- Hello again, I'm now going to be pulling out my firsts from this bucket and telling you about my first times

doing various things. (upbeat music)

First time when you saw yourself as Elton John? I guess it's kind of a gradual process

where you sort of develop it over time. Shaving up of my hair line was a bit brutal.

Sort of made me look like a kind of egg, sort of furry egg, there's no denying it.

It did make me look quite a bit like Elton John. It's always exciting when you're an actor

and you're able to kind of transform and make yourself look different.

First impression after meeting Richard Madden for the first time?

I thought he didn't like me actually. I met him, he came on set and he was

in his trailer and me and Jamie Bowens said hello to him. Yeah, I think I was just a bit paranoid and insecure.