Different mediums and the tone of the text | Reading | Khan Academy


- [David] Hello readers. I would like to show you one of my favorite things

I ever wrote. It's this splash page

from this comic I wrote some years ago, illustrated by my friend Cour Billadeau.

You'll notice it has almost no words in it, at least in this form.

Now, let me show you the script. Pages three and four, panel one.

A double-page spread, the whole greenhouse revealed, in widescreen.

It's glorious. Wisps of steam curl up from bubbling patches of pool,

green kelpy tendrils twine up the sides of the building. Everything is suffused with a delicate, green glow.

Absent the gro-lights, some of the algae fluoresce in a range of cool-spectrum colors.

But primarily greens. Eugene is dwarfed by its almost cosmic magnificence.