How to answer "What is Your Greatest Weakness?"



>> Boss: What is your greatest weakness?

>> Interviewee: See, the great thing about me is that I don't have any weaknesses.

>> Narrator: We all have weaknesses and it's important you have a solid answer for this question.

The question is a measurement of your self-awareness and your ability and willingness to improve yourself.

If answered properly it can tell them a lot about your work ethic and the kind of person they may be hiring.

And always remember, as with any interview question, it is important to be genuine.

>> Boss: What is your greatest weakness?

>> Interviewee 1: My greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist, I just want all of my work to be perfect so sometimes projects and tasks can take me longer than they should.

>> Narrator: Did that sound sincere?

This is a classic poor answer to this question.