CNCO Tells Us About Their First Times


- Hey yo what's good everybody we are - [Everybody] CNCO

- We're here with Buzzfeed and we're about to answer some questions of our first times.

- Oh yeah. (electronic music)

- First time you danced in front of a crowd? The first time that I danced in front of a crowd

I think it was in La Banda, the show. It wasn't good (laughing)

I'm gonna be honest with you. I sang bad, I think.

- Nah it was good, it was good, I remember. Don't be tough with you.

(laughing) - Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up.

- First memory that comes to mind when it comes to touring. - [Everybody] Ooooo.

- Boom, D. R. I feel like when I went to D. R. it was very special