Interview Practice | Warehouse Assistant 仓库助理


Hello, my name is Sophia and I am going to take you through a job interview for a warehouse supervisor role.

I will ask you some common interview questions, and I recommend you pause this video after each one and have a think about how you'd answer it.

Say your answers out loud and practice what it would be like at a real interview.

You can even record yourself on your phone or webcam and watch it back to see where you can improve.

I'll finish off by giving you some tips on what I would expect to hear from you during a successful interview.

Let's get started.

If you discovered that a colleague was stealing from the warehouse, would you discuss with the manager or the colleague first? and why?

If there was a delay in shipping, how would you inform the manager and/or the customer?

Are you certified to use a forklift?

In which cases do you use a forklift instead of a pallet jack?