Why Get a DOG? - Top 10 Reasons



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Why is it the dogs are so special?

Is it their unconditional love, their tireless desire to play?

In this new animal wised video, we prepared the top 10 reasons why so many people choose to spend their lives with a dog by their side.

If you're thinking of adopting yourself then we might be able to help you make a firm decision.

They are cute. The biophilia hypothesis by Keller and Wilson suggests human beings need to relate to other living things due to our highly social behavior.

The result is that dogs appealed to our innate motivations the reason we find puppies so irresistible.

They teach us new things.

Having a dog carries certain responsibilities such as providing hygiene routines and teaching basic orders.

Dogs also teach us little by little.

We learn how to relate to others, why it is so important to be consistent and how using positive reinforcement can help us navigate our world better.