Analyzing tone through word choice | Reading | Khan Academy


- [David] Hello readers, I suppose it's time, if we have to to talk about tone.

You see, if I were feeling snide or dismissive or sarcastic, I'd use a lot of disdainful language

to talk about how little I valued this topic, which is a piddling trifle, a Bagatelle,

a trivial, little nothing. Far more likely though, considering my love of languages,

the notion that I'd be enthusiastic and encouraging, I would say understanding tone

unlocks a treasure house of understanding, it is a feast of knowledge.

Tone communicates how an author feels about the topic they're writing about,

this can come across in a number of different ways, it can reflect their enthusiasm or skepticism,

it can also communicate formality or informality, an academic paper or a speech before the UN,

for example are very different things from a toast at a wedding