Step Inside Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' with VR


VR绘画是最早一批伴随VR头显进入消费市场的应用,比如谷歌推出的《Tilt Brush》,将绘画从二维平面升级到了3D空间。一位美国艺术家George Peaslee 就使用这一技术将梵高的画作立体化了,一起来欣赏一下吧~

The cool thing about VR is that you can paint in a three-dimensional space.

My name is George Peaslee, and today I painted Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.

Took one of the most recognizable paintings out there, which is The Starry Night.

And I used one of the brushes that is available on Tilt Brush, that kind of mimics this stippling and you know, impressionist brush style.

And . . . uh . . . just kind of started painting it.

Just kind of have to see the depth in it, in your mind, and then just kind of lay it out and hope that perspective lines up.

What I did was I actually had a reference photo with me in Tilt Brush.

And I could continue to just, you know, squat down to the same spot, and just line everything up to make sure that, you know, that the church was the height it should be.

Specifically, when I painted the little town, I used the flat marker tools because I didn't want to just use the same bristled brush that I was using for the rest of the painting.

I've noticed that there are actually some additional houses to the left of the church, that I never actually realized in the original painting.