Sneaky Ways Apple Stores Get You To Spend More Money


令人惊叹的营销套路! 巨大的玻璃外墙、别致的建筑结构、巧妙的产品陈列方式......为了让你在商店中多待一会儿,增强你的购买欲望,苹果将各种小心机运用到了极致。快来瞧瞧它是如何“骗”你花钱的。

Apple stores were the most profitable retail stores per square foot in 2017, beating out brands like Tiffany and Lululemon.

Other stores have tried to copy the formula, but these feel like imitation rather than innovation.

Apple stores are a core part of Apple's brand and of spreading that brand.

Tim Cook: Our stores are also the best place to go discover, explore, and experience our new products.

Narrator: An Apple store is an Apple paradise, and anyone walking by can see this utopia, because most Apple stores have big glass walls.

Jim Mourey: When they see that other people are inside engaging with the product, there's this general social desire to belong.

Narrator: That's Jim Mourey.

He teaches marketing at DePaul University.

Mourey: And so there's this FOMO, like, "fear of missing out" quality of wanting to go inside and see what the new thing happens to be at the store.

Narrator: And once customers get into the store, they tend to stick around, because Apple stores are just plain cool.