Evaluating a source’s reasoning and evidence | Reading | Khan Academy


- [David] Hello, readers. How do we know what is true, and what isn't?

My mama always told me, "Don't believe everything you read. "Just because someone took the time to write something down,

"send it off to be typeset and designed "and printed in a book or published on the internet,

"doesn't mean they bothered to tell you the truth." You should be skeptical of all informational writing

until the writer gives you a reason to trust them. Honestly, you should be skeptical of me

until I give you a reason to trust me. Who am I, after all?

Just some stranger on the internet. Well, that's a little unfair, actually.

You probably knew about Khan Academy well before you watched this video,

which means you have a sense that the information we teach is reputable or trustworthy.

So, maybe I'm already at an advantage for you trustworthinesswise,