JJ Lin 林俊杰 ft. Anne-Marie 《Bedroom》


林俊杰(JJ)新歌《Bedroom》找来「英伦冠军歌姬」Anne-Marie合唱,引起歌迷讨论,两人虽然因为疫情关系没能在这次的合作亲自碰面,却对彼此都留下了很好的印象。两人诠释相同的歌曲段落、相同的歌词,却演绎出截然不同的情绪,Anne-Marie独特的嗓音优雅地搭乘着钢琴登场,宛如平静湖面上兴起的涟漪般令人深陷其魅力中 ;后段JJ清澈高亢的嗓音,从干净的钢琴伴奏中穿透而出,为昏暗的房间点上轻柔闪耀的烛光,为歌曲增加坚定及隐隐的伤感。

Ooh, why you look so sad?

I've never seen you look so bad

You used to be the strongest of us two

Now look at you, sitting there

Ooh, no-ones picking up the phone

The partys over and you're all alone

I used to give a'bout me and you

Now I look at you and I don't care

You're crying in your bedroom

Cos I've gone and left you